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This painting just won The CRYSTAL AWARD OF MERIT and a Finalist Award in the Gallery Ring December 2020 “Colourful” International Online Juried Competition, for which it will be on Exhibit with Printz Finalist Award Winners "Freedom" and “Dramatic.” "Good," a colorfully playful painting, is a welcome addition to any room. The most discerning critics gave it Five Stars.\

Look and allow yourself to enjoy a new world.




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The Artist

Gayle Printz is an Internationally recognized American Abstract Artist whose work is part of the Permanent Exhibit of Le Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou in France. Growing up, Gayle attended Interlochen Arts Academy for eight summers. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Pennsylvania and her Juris Doctorate from Boston University School of Law. In August 2020, Ms. Printz established Fine Art Sales, Abstract Art by Gayle Printz, an online Art Gallery exclusively composed of her original abstract paintings.


Using color, flow, three-dimensionality, and distinct brushwork as tools of expression, Gayle creates paintings that transcend the familiar. She is famous for drawing the viewer in and inviting them to assign personal meaning and universal context by listening to the whispers of their imagination. Look closely, and you may even notice a magical quality to her paintings; they are known to somehow change depending upon the angle at which you gaze. As with life, the meaning in Gayle's work depends upon the way you look at it.  


Gayle Printz's paintings have been lauded by critics and collectors of Abstract Art, Abstract Expressionism, Art-Resilience, Art Informel and Tachisme. She throws her heart onto every canvas. Her signature dripping techniques are controlled, confident, and not easily replicated. Every stroke or dab is placed with intention. There is great meaning in her artwork, but Gayle Printz will neither define that meaning nor intrude on the viewer’s personal interpretation. Because she believes that the importance of a painting is based upon the emotion it evokes, Gayle wants to give the viewer uninterrupted freedom to feel. She wants you to experience the world in unanticipated ways.

                                     Among her many Juried Awards:

               In July 2020:

Gayle Printz was one of eight American painters selected to participate in “The 2020 International Art-Resilience Exhibition” in Europe. The stated purpose of the Competition preceding jury selection was "to present works characterizing the rigor in a search for artistic quality, creativity and technical mastery." The two paintings Gayle submitted, "First" and "Pond," were selected. They were on exhibit through September 8, 2020 in Salon Six of Le Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou in France.

               In October 2020:

  1. "Bird," "Blue Dog," "Pigtails," and "Yellow" won Finalist Awards in The Juried International ArtisTTable "Are You Serious?" Exhibition. They were all on exhibit online through January 2021.

  2. "Brush" won Fine Art America's Juried National "On the Beach" Exhibition.

               In November 2020:

   1. "Red" and "Jack" won Finalist Awards in Helvet Art’s Juried International "RED" Exhibition.

   2. "Forest," "Crater," "Pond," "Bird" and "Brush" all won Finalist Awards in Art Show International’s Juried "Landscape" Exhibition.

   3. "She" won a Finalist Award in Grey Cube Gallery’s "International Artist’s Choice" Exhibition.

   4.  The Museum Commission of Le Musée de Peinture de Saint-Frajou voted to add "Colors" to the permanent exhibit at the Museum in France.

               In December 2020:

   1.  "Imagine" was a Finalist in the Las Lagunas Gallery "small work-BIG TALENT" Exhibition.

   2.  "Fir" won the Fine Art America Juried "2020 Annual Red and Green Competition."

   3.  "Jack" won a Finalist Award in Fusion Art's "Sixth Annual Juried International Colorful Abstractions" Exhibition.

   4. "Yellow," "Blue," "Black & Silver," "Red" and "Jack" all won Finalist Awards in the Contemporary Art Gallery Online (CAGO) Juried International "2020 ALL COLORS" Exhibition.

   5. Out of the 342 works submitted from around the globe, "Avery" won the Honorable Mention Award and is featured in CAGO’s Juried International "Painting & Photography" Exhibition through January 2021.

   6. “Blue Dog” won a Finalist Award in Grey Cube Gallery’s Juried International “Modern Art Exhibition.”

   7. “She” won a Finalist Award in the Juried International CAGO “Faces” Competition. The CAGO “Faces” Exhibition began 12/30/20.

   8. "Purple Plunge” won an Honorable Mention Award in the Juried Art Show International "Flowers" Exhibition. In addition, “Fir,” "Friends," and “Garden” all won Finalist Awards.

   9. “Good” won the Crystal Award of Merit and a Finalist Award in the Juried International Gallery Ring December 2020 Online "Colourful" Exhibition. In addition, "Dramatic" and “Freedom” both won Finalist Awards.

               In January 2021:

  1..  “Crater” won a Finalist Award in FUSION Art's 6th Annual "Landscapes" International Online Juried Art Exhibition for the Month of January 2021.

   2   "First" Won the January 2021 Juried National Fine Art America "Your First" Competition.

  3.   Two Printz paintings, “She” and “Brush,” Won Finalist Awards in the juried Fine Art America Yellow Competition.

   4.  “Red” tied for Second Place in the January 2021 Fine Art America  Red, Black and White Challenge.

  5.   Contemporary Art Awards: Gayle Printz was Awarded a Month-long Online Solo Exhibition in Australia by Contemporary Art Awards.

   6.  “Avery” won a Finalist Award in Grey Cube Gallery’s juried International Second “Open” Online Art Competition for January 2021. “Avery” will be on Exhibit from February 1 through February 28 of 2021.

   7.   “Climb,” “One” and “Look” all won Honorable Mention Awards in the Juried Art Show International January 2021 1st  Open Competition.  All three paintings will be on Exhibit from  February 21 through February 28 of 2021.


It has been said that "The isolation of Gayle Printz has been a universal gain for the Art World." For, although it seems impossible to anyone who has seen her work, Gayle Printz picked up her first paintbrush in May of 2020. For Gayle, creating these remarkable works of art during the pandemic helped her to bring lightness and beauty back into a world that was interrupted. Now, by encouraging each of us to use our imagination as the lens through which to find meaning in her work, Gayle Printz can share that beauty with any viewer open to embarking on this subconscious journey.

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