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Original Prize Winning Abstract Mixed Media on Canvas

36" High by 24" Wide

91cm by 61 cm


Please note that this original work was photographed against a black background to clearly depict its irregular edges. The black background is not part of the work and is, therefore, not included with your purchase.



  • (1)  "Bird" is one of Four Printz paintings to win Finalist Awards in the juried International ArtisTTable Gallery "Are You Serious?" Competition. "Pigtails," "Blue Dog" and "Yellow" also won Finalist Awards in the same competition. They were all on display in the online Exhibition from October 15, 2020, through January 15 of 2021. See www.artisttableonline.com/exhibition

    (2)  “Bird” is also one of Five Printz Paintings to win Finalist Awards in Art Show International’s Juried 2021 “Landscape Competition,” in which “Crater,” “Brush,” “Pond” and “Forest" also won. They were all on Exhibit online through January 15, 2021.

    (3) Five Printz paintings won Finalist Awards in the Contemporary Art Room Gallery Online (CAGO) International Juried “2021 All Painting/Drawing Art Competition.” “First,” “Pond,” “Blue Dog,” “Bird,” and “Iridescence” will be on Exhibit through the end of February 2021.

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