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Acrylic on Canvas

18" High by 24" Wide

45.7 cm by  60.9 cm


Each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the Artist.

Shipping and Handling are included for deliveries within the 48 States.There is No Charge For Shipping and Handling of Deliveries Within the 48 States.


  • Acid-free, 100% Cotton Medium-toothed, Medium-Grain, Medium Texture Fine Artist Canvas; Triple-Coated with Acid-free, pH balanced, Archival-Quality, Titanium White,Acrylic Gesso; 8-ounce Primed Weight;  Non-mechanical, Medium-tooth Surface. Back-stapled to Hardwood Frame for a Tight, Even Stretch. Tailored, Square Corners Allow for Re-stretching, Paintable Edges, and Frameless Presentation   18 x 14x 3/4”

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