© 2020 by Gayle Printz

Original Abstract Acrylic on Canvas

40" High by 30" Wide by 1.5" Deep

101 cm by 76 cm by 4 cm


"Avery" changes at different angles. Actually, most paintings in this Gallery do. They seem to be magical.


  • (1) In December 2020, out of the 342 works submitted to this Los Angeles Gallery from around the Globe, "Avery" won the Honorable Mention Award and was featured in the Contemporary Art Room Gallery Online Juried International "Painting & Photography" Exhibition through January of 2021.   "Avery" is nothing less than magical.

    (2) “Avery” also won a Finalist Award in Grey Cube Gallery’s juried International Second “Open” Online Art Competition for January 2021. “Avery” will be on Exhibit from February 1 through February 28 of 2021. 

    (3) Ten Printz paintings won the January 2021 ArtisTTable Juried International Competition entitled “Art in the Time of Corona.” The following are on Exhibition online through March 1 of 2021 in Gallery Three: “Ascend,” “Blur,” “Jack,” and “Lake,” and in Gallery Four: “Avery,” “Iridescence,” “Purple Plunge, “Metallic,” “Walk,” and “First.”

    (4) “Good,” ”Jog,” and “Shimmer” won Honorable Mention Awards and “Belle,” “Avery,” “Face,” and “Vulcan” won Finalist Awards in the March, 2021 juried Art Show International Annual “Figurative” Art Competition. They will all be on exhibit from March 15 through April 15 of 2021.

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©2020 by Gayle Printz

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